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Feeding recommendation for cats

Feeding recommendation for cats

Use the GladiatorPLUS milieu feeding correctly.

Bring vitality to a new level

Vitalität auf ein neues Level bringen

40-day intensive feeding

At the beginning (or after a longer break) GladiatorPLUS is fed daily as a 40-day intensive feed. The aim of these first 40 days is to keep the body milieu of your cat in balance through the Milieufeeding in connection with cat-friendly attitude and feeding, to maintain the intestinal health, to support the immune system and to accompany the natural body drainage.

If necessary: ​​extend intensive feeding

If the desired feeding success has not yet been achieved after 40 days of intensive feeding, or if your dog has many or long-lasting nutritional problems, you can extend this phase for a further 10 to 40 days. We would be happy to advise you individually and free of charge.

Maintain health level permanently

Gesundheitslevel dauerhaft erhalten

Maintenance feeding 3 times a week

After intensive feeding, you feed GladiatorPLUS only 3 times a week - permanently throughout the year. The aim of maintenance feeding is to keep the body milieu of your dog in balance and to maintain its natural health level with minimal, positive impulses in feeding and husbandry.

If necessary: ​​stress feeding

In the case of special challenges, we recommend that you feed your cat the GladiatorPLUS Milieufeeding every day. In the case of longer transport, worming or vaccination, for example, a daily dose 5 days before to 5 days after exposure can be very useful.

The GladiatorPLUS feeding calculator

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